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Suggestions from lab admin for labs

Data set up: 68 rows of independent observation for each site

25 plant 1, 25 plant 2, 10 sweeps, 6 pans, 1 invertebrate observation, 1 vertebrate observation

1300 word limit on figshare submissions. Text should be concise and below that.

Do not put zeros where there are blanks. There should only be a zero if you sampled and did not find anything. Blanks are often in between columns, where different independent sampling occurred.

Do not edit any of the columns but you can edit the rows to add your group ID, add replicates, etc.


FAQ: BIOL2060 co-req and lab switches

Quick updates (we discussed in lectures but just in case).

  1. BIOL2060 is a co-requisite. This means if you are not currently enrolled in it, you will be de-enrolled unless you have already taken a comparable statistics course at York University.
  2. All labs full. If you need to switch, you need to find a person in another lab day that also needs/wants/can be bribed to switch.

Here is the list so far of people that need to switch. Email the lab admin if you can see a way to switch with a person, and he will facilitate as best he can.