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Writing workshops

Optional, but if you are interested, I would to offer the following ‘writing workshop’ or tutorial model to address any tangible advice associated with the long-answer, open-book, problem solving questions.

The first ten are on the website now. I will provide another ten. Then, on test day Friday Nov25th, I will provide you with 5 only from that list. So, you will have all the questions in advance.
Also, we can spend some of the time if you need clarification on your previous responses.  However, please do check the detailed breakdown of the 4 and 6 point categories.  This really helped me focus in reading them.
Workshop 1.
Thursday Nov 17th, 1-3pm.
FS201 (Farqhuson Bldg, room 201)
Workshop 2.
Friday Nov 18th, in-class from 1030-1120am.
Workshop 3.
Friday Nov 25th, in-class on test day.
Similar to part 2 of the first test, I will stay in class until everyone has a clear vision of what the question is asking.
Workshop 4.
I may add one more workshop if people would like it.
Likely on Thursday Nov 24th from 11am to 1pm. Let me know if you need it.

Guidance and improvements for next test

hi fellow ecologists,

I have a had a few emails asking how to learn from test and improve. Thank you for asking.  Absolutely, next week I will put together materials to help us improve for next test and learn from this one. I want to do this for everyone as class.

  1. Nov 11th lecture I will bring correct responses for multiple choice and also the detailed marking key for long-answer questions.
  2. I have some great critical thinking materials for long-answers, and we will explore that together too.
  3. Next test has no multiple choice, and we scored higher on long answers.
  4. Long answers and problem solving explanations are SUPER practical for both upper-year courses where there is no multiple choice and also for life and professional skills.
  5. As stated, I want to apply a 2% bump to the scantron scores (four free correct questions), but I will explain how this works in class on Nov 11th and how I will know if I allowed to do it.



test prepped, woot woot.


exactly what we discussed on Friday.

  1. Part 1. In-class.  Independent. Scantron. Memory. 40 Qs. 20%
  2. Part 2. Take-home with turnitin. Pick ONLY 2 of the 5 questions I provide you.  Each worth 5% = 10% total.  Due at 11:59pm same day or sooner. Just giving you extra time.  Welcome to discuss, look up, plan, but then type up individually as it will plagiarism check.

Test total is 30% of your grades in this course.


  1. Do all readings once if you understand them.
  2. Study from slide decks, your notes, and the practice test Q listed here.

Course policy on missed tests

The course policy is aligned with the recommended policy of York University.

If you are sick on the day of a regular test or have a family emergency, you are expected to provide an attending physician statement clearly stating you were ill on that specific date and incapable of coming to campus.  Other issues require similar documentation.  I am trying to be fair to all students and ensure that everyone has an equal change of doing well.

If you provide the above documentation, it is also the policy of the university for a course director to offer a ‘make-up’ test.  This is often during the final exam period in December after regular classes end, and it is a complete new short and long answer test.  This course will also adopt this policy and the make-up will be during final exams.

Good luck studying this week, and I hope the practice questions, slide decks, and answers we did each week in class are helpful.


Practice test answers

By popular demand, here are the correct responses to the practice today.

1 a
2 b
3 a
4 b
5 c
6 d
7 a
8 b
9 e
10 e
11 c
12 b
13 e
14 c
15 c
A fan dressed as a Star Wars character shops at a toy store at the midnight in Hong Kong, Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 as part of the global event called "Force Friday" to release new Star Wars toys and other merchandise of the new movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)
A fan dressed as a Star Wars character shops at a toy store at the midnight in Hong Kong, Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 as part of the global event called “Force Friday” to release new Star Wars toys and other merchandise of the new movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Instructions for test this week (practice)

  1. Please bring a pencil to complete scantrons.
  2. Please bring ID.
  3. Please ensure you enroll in turnitin section for the marker to be able to check these tests (and mark the real ones next week).

Remember, two-phase test.

Multiple choice, hand in scantron in class.

Takehome part 2 you submit via turnitin.

To ‘add class to your turnitin account’
log in to your student account.
go to ‘enroll’ in a class.
class/section ID: 13503658
password: [emailed to your preferred email account]
This then enrolls you in the marker’s section for the practice test.

Practice test this Friday, Oct 14th.

This Friday we are doing a practice test. It is the EXACT same as the real test the following week but with just fewer questions.

It is a two-phase test.

Part 1. Scantrons. It is a multiple choice, quiet independent completion in lecture slot.  Once complete, you hand in scantron for grading.

Part 2. Turnitin due at 10pm same day. Medium to longer answer. You are welcome to stay in lecture room and work on it, work in groups, get help, look stuff up online, go home or go to a computer lab. Whatever you do, it is due at 10pm to typed up and will be run for plagiarism check. So, you can work in groups for sure but please type up the final answer yourself and submit individually.