Flipped lecture for Dec 2. Consolidation of our practical learning

Announcement: NO in-person lecture tomorrow, Dec 2.

Rationale: I have had numerous requests for a ‘flipped’ lecture tomorrow (i.e. NO in-person lecture tomorrow Dec 2).  Apparently, many students have a conflict with a final exam. I respect that. Importantly, we worked very hard earlier, accelerated our coverage of content, and did the final, cumulative test last week.  The materials for this final lecture are also not testable material, but I want everyone to have access to this final consolidation process :)!

Hence, there is no ‘in person’ meeting on Dec 2.  However, please review the consolidation materials for practical ecology ideas lecture (what is the value of ecology) and also the rubric we used to mark you long-answer questions.
Consolidation materials
I want to ensure you are well prepared for upper-year courses.  This material is not graded, but please promise me you will review it as it is a nice way to consolidate the practical value of ecology. I hope you agree with was a very practical course for science and skills in life too.
To do sometime over the December break.
1. Review the ‘What is the value of ecology’ slidedeck?
Here is a brief and cheesy video abstract for the deck.
2. Reading. Ecological restoration: A new frontier for nature conservation and economics
3. Rubric for final papers.
Please download and match up to your answers. Here it is.
THANK YOU for an amazing term.
I will POST the link to official and unofficial feedback for the course, and I will post your grades as soon as we complete marking (hopefully by tomorrow afternoon).
If you have any other questions, please email me and I will do my best to help. I hope the writing workshops and discussions outside lectures were helpful too.