Writing workshops

Optional, but if you are interested, I would to offer the following ‘writing workshop’ or tutorial model to address any tangible advice associated with the long-answer, open-book, problem solving questions.

The first ten are on the website now. I will provide another ten. Then, on test day Friday Nov25th, I will provide you with 5 only from that list. So, you will have all the questions in advance.
Also, we can spend some of the time if you need clarification on your previous responses.  However, please do check the detailed breakdown of the 4 and 6 point categories.  This really helped me focus in reading them.
Workshop 1.
Thursday Nov 17th, 1-3pm.
FS201 (Farqhuson Bldg, room 201)
Workshop 2.
Friday Nov 18th, in-class from 1030-1120am.
Workshop 3.
Friday Nov 25th, in-class on test day.
Similar to part 2 of the first test, I will stay in class until everyone has a clear vision of what the question is asking.
Workshop 4.
I may add one more workshop if people would like it.
Likely on Thursday Nov 24th from 11am to 1pm. Let me know if you need it.

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