Updates announced in class today


  1. Lab reports due Monday, Nov 21st at 9am (submit to your teaching assistant via turnitin.com).
  2. Open notebook, solve two problems (test #2) due Nov 26th at 11:59pm (submit via turnitin.com to Malcolm Glennie like you did for test 1 please).

Turnitin is now updated. Woot woot.

Test #2

A total of 5 questions provided on test day.
Same as test #1. YOU select two, write them up, and submit turnitin.com.
Rubric is explain and solve similar to what we discussed today.
All potential test questions provided here in advance under tab entitled ‘Test Qs’.


  1. I will organize a writing workshop, i.e. similar to drop-in office hours, to help with long-answer problem solving and writing.
  2. I will also stay in the classroom on long-answer test day and do the same in case you are busy before then.
  3. If you are having any problems or issues with statistics, please do let the lab admin and your teaching assistant know via email. They are all excellent at statistics and R, and they can also provide office hours as needed.


I am am also really keen to try out the data too for patterns. I will do a blog post to this effect with a link to my take on the statistics. Do not hesitate to email your teaching assistant for any confirmation of issues however as they mark the lab reports.

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