Guidance and improvements for next test

hi fellow ecologists,

I have a had a few emails asking how to learn from test and improve. Thank you for asking.  Absolutely, next week I will put together materials to help us improve for next test and learn from this one. I want to do this for everyone as class.

  1. Nov 11th lecture I will bring correct responses for multiple choice and also the detailed marking key for long-answer questions.
  2. I have some great critical thinking materials for long-answers, and we will explore that together too.
  3. Next test has no multiple choice, and we scored higher on long answers.
  4. Long answers and problem solving explanations are SUPER practical for both upper-year courses where there is no multiple choice and also for life and professional skills.
  5. As stated, I want to apply a 2% bump to the scantron scores (four free correct questions), but I will explain how this works in class on Nov 11th and how I will know if I allowed to do it.



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