Template for long-answer part of test tomorrow

Here it is as .docx


and again as a .doc


You are welcome to use this template.  Not required but just trying to help.
Basically, ensure you have your name and student ID on each page.
One-page, single-spaced maximum for each answer.


2 thoughts on “Template for long-answer part of test tomorrow”

  1. Hi Dr. Lortie,

    I’m in the process of writing up my answers for the Midterm part 2 Long Answer. I was wondering how we should cite these answers? I took a lot of definitions and a few examples from your slides, as well as some ideas from a journal article that you provided us.
    Should I directly add quotations and just cite below? Or in text? Or is it not necessary to add quotes in I be sure to cite the sources I used below the answer?
    I’m working on this alone so I’m not worried about plagiarizing from another student in the class.

    Lisa Damla

    1. hi there,
      Yes, you can cite if you want, that is what the third bonus page for (citations). See template. However, quotes are less good than just putting things in your own words. That is way better. Open book is most powerful when you look it all up, get ideas organized, then sit down and crank a good problem solving/practical application answer in your own words.

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