Course policy on missed tests

The course policy is aligned with the recommended policy of York University.

If you are sick on the day of a regular test or have a family emergency, you are expected to provide an attending physician statement clearly stating you were ill on that specific date and incapable of coming to campus.  Other issues require similar documentation.  I am trying to be fair to all students and ensure that everyone has an equal change of doing well.

If you provide the above documentation, it is also the policy of the university for a course director to offer a ‘make-up’ test.  This is often during the final exam period in December after regular classes end, and it is a complete new short and long answer test.  This course will also adopt this policy and the make-up will be during final exams.

Good luck studying this week, and I hope the practice questions, slide decks, and answers we did each week in class are helpful.


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