Practice test this Friday, Oct 14th.

This Friday we are doing a practice test. It is the EXACT same as the real test the following week but with just fewer questions.

It is a two-phase test.

Part 1. Scantrons. It is a multiple choice, quiet independent completion in lecture slot.  Once complete, you hand in scantron for grading.

Part 2. Turnitin due at 10pm same day. Medium to longer answer. You are welcome to stay in lecture room and work on it, work in groups, get help, look stuff up online, go home or go to a computer lab. Whatever you do, it is due at 10pm to typed up and will be run for plagiarism check. So, you can work in groups for sure but please type up the final answer yourself and submit individually.


2 thoughts on “Practice test this Friday, Oct 14th.”

  1. Here it says that the turnitin part of the test is due by 10pm, but on turnitin, the deadline is 11:59pm on the day of the test. Just wondering which time is the correct one. Thanks!

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