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  1. Copy-paste with slight re-wording.

    How do you test for dispersal limitation? Why would you do this?

    Why is considering (taxonomy of) scale important in ecology? What are the different scales?

    What is population size? Density? When to use one or the other?

    What ecological maxim best describes the sea otter – urchin case study?

    Why is meaning of terms important?

    What is the difference between fundamental and realized niche?

    What is the difference between environment and habitat?

  2. We discussed a question where we’d have to draw a diagram, like of the filter concept for 9.2.

    How and why do you test dispersal limitations?

    Why is considering scale in ecology important?

    What are the different scales ecologists use?

    What ecological maxim best explains the sea otter, sea urchin example?

    What is the difference between a fundamental and realized niche? Between population size and population density?

  3. Questions from September 30

    I might have missed a few, so feel free to add:

    Label the following interaction sets: (-,0), (-,-), (+,-), (0,0), (+,+), (+,0)
    When studying biotic-biotic interactions, what is the sum of all these interactions called?
    What is the difference between inter and intraspecific interactions?
    What are the implications of studying indirect vs direct interactions? What are some examples of a direct and indirect negative interaction?
    In life in general, explain when direct and indirect may be more important? Give examples.
    Define competition. (Hint: GSR)
    How do you measure competition? How is it different in plants vs. animals?
    What differentiates a resource from a non-resource? List resources.

  4. Questions from October 7, 2016

    Why is it better to study net outcomes in any system than subsets of individuals?

    Why do we care about competition?

    What’s the difference between trophic and non-trophic?

    Why do we need to understand the mechanisms of facilitation?

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