FAQ: BIOL2060 co-req and lab switches

Quick updates (we discussed in lectures but just in case).

  1. BIOL2060 is a co-requisite. This means if you are not currently enrolled in it, you will be de-enrolled unless you have already taken a comparable statistics course at York University.
  2. All labs full. If you need to switch, you need to find a person in another lab day that also needs/wants/can be bribed to switch.

Here is the list so far of people that need to switch. Email the lab admin if you can see a way to switch with a person, and he will facilitate as best he can.


10 thoughts on “FAQ: BIOL2060 co-req and lab switches”

  1. About BIOL 2060, is it okay to take that course or a comparable statistics course next summer, because it won’t fit anywhere in my timetable during the full year.

  2. I just realized I missed the lab last week. For some reason I thought it started this week… I’m in lab 03 on Wednesdays. Anyone have the Lab’s TA’s email so that I can find out what i missed & if I have to do anything in order to be prepared for this week’s lab?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello,

    So I missed last weeks lab thinking that they would start this week.
    Is it a big deal? I am sorry to ask you this but I do not have the email of the lab coordinator.
    Thank you

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